(VIDEO) – 2 Municipal Agents Dead, 2 Civilians Injured After Gunman Flees the Scene

– Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico – February 19, 2019

A gunman leaves two civilians injured and two municipal agents dead by the San Juan central market.

The unidentified shooter arrived inside the San Juan market and had an argument with a local business owner by the name of Luis Edelson “N”. During the altercation, the shooter fired two shots at Luis Edelson injuring him on the thorax.; the shooter then fled the scene and was chased down by another market worker. At the height of the business “Pollo Campero”, the shooter then fired one more time at the worker injuring him on the leg.


The shooter keeps fleeing on foot, and on 12th street by the meat market “El Jarocho”, municipal agents catch up to him.


The shooter tries hiding behind a truck, one agents goes through the front, the second through the back, while deciding to go through the front, the shooter meets one agent and fatally shoots the officer in the head. The shooter then heads through the back meeting face to face with the second agent and manages to shoot him in the chest area. The suspect flees the scene without being detained.

The agent declared dead at the site was identified as Roger Hernández, while the second officer who died at the hospital was identified as Gilberto Pérez Roblero.