Fernanda Gonzalez is Found Dead, Buried in Her Backyard in Tijuana



– Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – February 24, 2019

After 15 days of gone missing and a previous “search and inspection” of her home, Fernanda is found buried in her backyard by her sister and father.

Fernanda González Serrano’s family filed a missing person’s report on February 6th, three days after their last contact with her via ‘Whatsapp’. On that day, Fernanda’s husband, Baudelio arrived at a medical center in San Diego to be treated for a gun shot wound which he indicated resulted from a home invasion attack.

The family took it upon themselves to look for Fernanda, posting up fliers and tarps around the city and over bridges to no avail. It was not until the family made several social media posts and offered monetary compensation for any information relating to Fernanda’s whereabouts that they made any progress.

After the posts, the family received several messages assuring that Fernanda was already dead and buried in the backyard under a Volkswagen. The family notified the corresponding authorities but their reply was that they would conduct a second search of the home until Monday. The family did not wait and on Sunday they arrived at the home located in Otay and with a pickax and a shovel began to dig under the vehicle.

Fernanda was found buried there and the family notified a municipal police unit that was present at the house. No one has been arrested after the discovery but the main suspects remain Baudelio and his son Aarón, who apparently had a confrontation with Fernanda before being killed.


This Tuesday morning, the home located on Sinaloa street in the Aeropuerto neighborhood was searched and cordoned off to conduct further investigation.